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Dedicated To delivering the best customer experience

“Everyone deserves good hearing and the happiness it brings.My goal is to help people achieve both.”

Providing Hearing Tests, Hearing Care & The Best Hearing Aids in Chiswick

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Dedicated To Top Quality Care

Dedicated To delivering the best customer experience

I have been delivering top quality care and customer service for many years for National hearing health care providers. I decided this was the right time for me to work independently in order that I could provide the best care possible & service which truly delights. I thought what better place for me to practice than in Chiswick, where I was born. I really believe that everyone deserves the joy brought by good hearing and I have committed myself to delivering it.

"Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served. But all other pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a spirit of joy"
Mahatma Gandhi

For Life

“My passion is helping
people to get results”

When I first became involved in the hearing profession, the impact of hearing loss on the lives of my customers quickly became obvious. It was a startling realisation and it led to a true understanding of the difficulties that hearing loss brought into their lives. I decided then that I would work tirelessly to help them overcome their difficulties.

The happiness of my customers and their words of thanks is joy enough, but a few years ago they submitted my name to The Audiologist of The Year Competition. I was chosen as a Highly Commended Winner, it was only after receiving that exceptional customer feedback that I felt the desire to become an Independent Hearing Healthcare Professional.

I felt this path would allow me to raise the bar even higher on customer care without any boundaries. As an independent I no longer have to use the "big box" approach to seeing people. It allows me to allocate enough time for each client to suit their needs rather than a conveyor belt approach. I really do believe in quality not quantity.

Hearing Healthcare As It Should Be

When I decided to open my own hearing healthcare practice, I decided to return to Chiswick where I was born. I decided that I would ensure that I could offer outstanding levels of care and service. To do that I have invested in the best testing equipment possible, the GN Otometrics Aurical, the gold standard in testing equipment. I will also use only the very best hearing aids available from the World's leading hearing device manufacturers. These two decisions will allow me to deliver the quality of service and provision that I want to achieve. Being my own boss will also allow me to spend the time I wish to with my customers, the time that they need. 

Phonak hearing aids London
GN Resound Hearing Aids in London
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Starkey Hearing Aids Chiswick

The Best Equipment

Investing in the best audiological equipment available means that I can get a better understanding of your hearing loss and your needs. This understanding allows me to offer you the best hearing aid solutions possible for you, your hearing loss and your lifestyle.

The Best Hearing Aids

I only provide the best hearing aids available from world leading manufacturers such as Phonak, Unitron, Starkey and Widex. As an independent hearing professional, I have a vast choice of devices which means you can be sure that you will receive the best solution for you, your hearing loss & your lifestyle needs.

Committed Service

My promise is that you will always receive the time, care and attention that you both need and deserve to hear better. Because I firmly believe that hearing better and re-claiming your joy in life is both important and possible. My job is to help you achieve both of these things through dedicated care.

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What My Customers Say

"A Key Player"

Deepak has been a key player in offering audiological assessments at our practice in Twyford. He is very popular with my patients and is extremely professional and efficient in his work. People have been impressed with hearing aids provided and also the follow-up care and this has been down to Deepak's attention to detail.

Dr Mike Davies- GP at Twyford Surgery

"Customer For Life"

Deepak was thorough, friendly and helpful, explaining the results in detail. He listens to any concerns I have and tries to rectify them. He also remembers details we have discussed previously so you know he cares

"Professional & Competent"

I am very impressed by his audiology knowledge and I have been very lucky to have him to look after me for my hearing problem. He has been very professional and competent in managing my hearing problem. Deepak explained to me very systematically the hearing aids available and listened to my worries and concerns, etc. very patiently. I still attend is follow up clinic and intend to carry on with him indefinitely.

Dr BS Mangat- GP at The Medical Centre Hounslow