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I offer a wide range of hearing Care services in the Chiswick Hearing Aid Centre. I am passionate about delivering better hearing to my customers. I undertake full auditory work-ups that give me a clear picture of what the issue are in order that I can recommend the best solutions for you. I cover every aspect of audiology, whether focusing on ear health, earwax removal, complex audiological testing, hearing aids, or therapeutic/counseling techniques for hearing loss or tinnitus.

I have been able to assist so many people with a whole array of issues that I am confident I can help you too. So if you would like to experience the best in hearing aids or hearing healthcare, simply contact us on 0208 994 6966 or book online

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Hearing Tests

I undertake in-depth hearing test and hearing aid evaluations, this ensures that you can have complete confidence in your test results and the recommendations I make. It allows us to deliver the solution you need.

Hearing Aids

I use only the latest and best hearing aids from the worlds's leading hearing device manufacturers. You can be sure that you are getting the best possible solution for you and your needs from an extensive choice. I guarantee it.

Hearing Aid Repairs

I offer all make hearing aid repair services. If I can't fix the hearing device, I will process the repair with the manufacturer involved. If your aid is within warranty it will be honoured and cost you nothing, if not, our charges are very reasonable. Either way I will inform you before the repair is undertaken.

Hearing Protection

There is no cure for hearing loss, once your hearing is damaged, that damage can not be repaired. So you should protect your hearing because conservation is better than treatment. loud sounds can cause irreversible damage, I offer the very best custom noise protection equipment available.

Tinnitus Therapy

I understand that tinnitus can be a difficult condition to deal with for some people, I offer tinnitus therapy & management services and I have had great success in many cases. There is no cure for tinnitus, but it can be treated successfully. Let me help you get the relief you need.

Earwax Removal

We offer earwax removal by both irrigation and microsuction, so if you are looking for safe, comfortable microsuction earwax removal in Chiswick, call us to arrange your appointment.

Simply Call Us

Call us anytime to discuss your hearing, even if you don't want an appointment. I am always happy to discuss hearing loss, the signs and symptoms and the solutions available. If you want to move forward, I will make an appointment that is suitable for you to  come in and see me.

The bridge to hearing

The Bridge To Better Hearing

I offer three easy steps to better hearing

Simply Call Us

Call us anytime to discuss your hearing, even if you don't want an appointment. I am always happy to discuss hearing loss and the solutions available. If you want to move forward, I will make an appointment that is suitable for you to   come in and see me.

The Hearing Test

Much like a prescription for glasses, your hearing test results are crucial to both making a diagnosis and treating any kind of hearing loss. I do not take this process lightly however, at all times it is important that you are relaxed and comfortable. That's why I offer a professional hearing test in a relaxed manner.

Hearing Aids

As an independent hearing healthcare professional I can offer all of the best hearing aids from the world's leading manufacturers. Independence gives me the freedom to use the hearing devices that are best for you. It is your assurance that you will get the best hearing solution available for you.

Phonak hearing aids London
GN Resound Hearing Aids in London
Widex Hearing Aids London
Starkey Hearing Aids Chiswick

The Best Equipment

Investing in the best equipment means that I can undertake cutting edge hearing tests which allow me a better understanding of your hearing loss. This clearer understanding will allow me to offer you the best hearing aid solutions possible for you, your hearing loss and your lifestyle.

The Best Hearing Aids

I will only provide the very best hearing aids available from world leading manufacturers such as Phonak, Unitron, Starkey and Widex. My independence means that I have a vast choice of devices and you can be sure that you will receive the best solution for you, your hearing loss & your lifestyle needs.

Committed Service

My promise is that you will always receive the time, care and attention that you both need and deserve to hear better. Because I firmly believe that hearing better and re-claiming your joy in life is both important and possible. My job is to help you achieve both of these things through dedicated care.

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What My Customers Say

  • Deepak was extremely helpful, checking my hearing aids even though he was fully booked for the day and I had no appointment. He was not only friendly and efficient but was able to solve our problem and provide the correct solution and resources. I Ire most grateful for his professionalism and assistance.

  • Deepak was thorough, friendly and helpful, explaining the results in detail. He listens to any concerns I have and tries to rectify them. He also remembers details I have discussed previously so you know he cares

  • Deepak was the Audiologist who first tested my hearing and fitted me with new hearing aids. I was impressed with his competence and professionalism. He was very pleasant and I felt comfortable and confident that I would receive excellent service