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"Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served. But all other pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a spirit of joy"
Mahatma Gandhi

I truly believe that everyone deserves the joy brought by good hearing and I have committed myself to delivering it. The happiness of my customers and their words of thanks bring me great joy.

What My Customers Say

  • Deepak was extremely helpful, checking my hearing aids even though he was fully booked for the day and we had no appointment. He was not only friendly and efficient but was able to solve our problem and provide the correct solution and resources. We were most grateful for his professionalism and assistance.

  • Thanks Deepak for the thoroughly professional consultation and helpful diagnosis. So nice to have personable and sincere medical advice in this day and age. Jonathan Kritzinger

  • I had lost the hearing in my right ear due to wax build up, for a week before visiting Deepak. I left his clinic being able to hear with both ears! It was a huge relief as I need my ears for my work :) Thank you again Deepak for the extremely professional service! Paul Flynn

  • Excellent - highly recommended - my hearing sorted in no time!Chloe O'Brien

  • I visited Deepak after suffering from a very blocked ear which I could not clear. He worked carefully and methodically explaining what he was doing which was interesting and put me at ease. He is a professional knowledgeable man and successfully unblocked my ear. I would highly recommend him. Ian Hawes

  • Deepak came to my rescue when my ear became blocked just before my wedding. He is patient, friendly, value for money and has obvious empathy for his customers. He fitted me in at short notice and did a fantastic job. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Nadine Radcliffe

  • I highly recommend Deepak at Hearing Well. The service was excellent, very thorough with amazing results. Stephen Davidson

  • Deepak was thorough, friendly and helpful, explaining the results in detail. He listens to any concerns I have and tries to rectify them. He also remembers details we have discussed previously so you know he cares

  • Deepak was the Audiologist who first tested my hearing and fitted me with new hearing aids. I was impressed with his competence and professionalism. He was very pleasant and I felt comfortable and confident that I would receive excellent service

  • Deepak was very careful, cautious and methodical in his approach, and was totally focussed on not taking risks with my hearing while achieving a good result. I had total confidence in his treatment and would recommend him wholeheartedly.George Lawrence

I would highly recommend this specialist service.

I was suffering from pain and ringing in both of my ears, especially my right ear and was prone to many ear infections. I received a thorough consultation and Deepak really made me feel at ease. I felt immediate relief after the micro-suction and am now able to ear properly. Thank you to Deepak for the amazing results!

Jazz Glennon

"Incredibly Kind"

Deepak was incredibly kind to it me in outside of standard opening hours and provided an excellent micro suction service. He was very knowledgeable and was thorough in doing the job. I would highly recommend this dedicated and highly skilled practitioner.

Melanie Pilbrow

"Professional and Knowledgable"

I visited Deepak after suffering from a very blocked ear which I could not clear. He worked carefully and methodically explaining what he was doing which was interesting and put me at ease. He is a professional knowledgeable man and successfully unblocked my ear. I would highly recommend him

Ian Hawes

"Explained Clearly"

I was recommended by a friend to get my ears checked in case of a minor blockage, and I knew there wasn't a huge problem with my hearing before I went in. Deepak was absolutely brilliant and informative, he made I sure I understood what was happening and explained everything very clearly. He was very friendly and made the experience very easy.

"Simply Brilliant"

Deepak has been brilliant since my first appointment. I wasn't sure how good or not my hearing was but he took me through the whole process and I have excellent hearing aids. The follow up has been excellent too. He is always very professional, competent, patient and kind and has made something easy and straightforward that could have been difficult and worrying. I am so glad I took his advice.

"Very Fortunate"

Deepak was very thorough in his consultation, addressed all my questions and concerns, and has provided a solution which I hope will meet my needs. I feel very fortunate to have been treated by Deepak and would have no hesitation in recommending him.

"Very Impressed"

I have visited the practice today for the first time and was very impressed with the service. I am 8 month pregnant and couldn't hear well anymore due to excess of wax. I had microsuction at both ears and everything went very well. Deepak was very gentle, professional and caring. I definitely recommend Deepak for any hearing/ear problems you might have.

Alina Gheorghiu

"Explained Everything"

I recently called into Hearing Well on the off chance and was warmly greeted by Deepak Jagota. He was very kind and professional and treated me immediately. He explained everything during the treatment making it a very easy and painless experience. Thank you.

Sally Scott


I have known Deepak Jagota for some time now having met him in 2013. Deepak is that special kind of man, dedicated to doing what he does as the best. His empathy and compassion for his customers is both obvious and exemplary.

He truly believes that his sense of worth is inextricably linked to how he serves others. this is a rare outlook in the modern world, but it is an outlook that ensures that Deepak delivers outstanding results to the people who come to him for service.

I could not recommend Deepak more, if you are looking for hearing aids with dedicated care, empathy and compassion that deliver outstanding results, then Deepak Jagota and Hearing Well is where you need to go.

Geoffrey Cooling

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  • Deepak was patient in ensuring I was going to get the maximum from my hearing aids, nothing is too much trouble. I have a much better understanding of how my hearing aids work and I am starting to enjoy using them. I am now much more confident due to the care and help provided by Deepak.

  • We had a an extremely pleasant experience in which we were convinced that Deepak was working to resolve my Mother's hearing loss rather than looking to sell us a device.

  • I have been delighted with the thorough way in which the use of my hearing aids has been explained to me over my visits. Deepak has a friendly, patient and encouraging manner.

What My Customers Say

"A Key Player"

Deepak has been a key player in offering audiological assessments at our practice in Twyford. He is very popular with my patients and is extremely professional and efficient in his work. People have been impressed with hearing aids provided and also the follow-up care and this has been down to Deepak's attention to detail.

Dr Mike Davies- GP at Twyford Surgery

"A Good Experience"

Deepak is extremely friendly and welcoming. He explained everything about my hearing very thoroughly and made it a very good experience, thank you. 

"Professional & Competent"

I am very impressed by his audiology knowledge and I have been very lucky to have him to look after me for my hearing problem. He has been very professional and competent in managing my hearing problem. Deepak explained to me very systematically the hearing aids available and listened to my worries and concerns, etc. very patiently. I still attend is follow up clinic and intend to carry on with him indefinitely.

Dr BS Mangat- GP at The Medical Centre Hounslow